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So yeah, I took a nice, year-long break on here as I was on a nice, year-long no break point of my life graduating, and working contracts, and other boring stuff. As we reach mid 2020, I look back and see how 2019 was a very pleasant yet very slow year of art making for me. Even though I had still been going at it sporadically on twitter.


Drawpile Shenanigans by Nesuki_R. The sort of stuff twitter has been getting fed with.

The reason for that is, Newgrounds really prefers supporting moderately thought-out and relatively finished pieces which is the complete opposite of something like twitter, a system created mostly for sharing "brain dump" thoughts. And I've been really lacking in actually finishing most things I make.

I imagine most content creators are here for the figurative meat of actually putting something out and being a maker among makers rather than simply posting doodles or reaction gifs and looking for an eventual "blow up"; at which point you plug your soundcloud or something and then attempt to repeat this cycle. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't think it does it for me, as I realize the most fun and gratifying sensation I've had on social media was interacting with other artists or people who want to open a discussion about craft.

(TL;DR) With that in mind, and the fact the worst global crisis since WW2 has given me slightly more free time, I'll be opening a collaboration notice on here soonish and I'll take a shot at being slightly more active around the website to see if anybody is up for doing something together. I know I've said the same thing 2 years ago but hey, that's a mixup we both have to deal with.

To start it off I've gotten 2 adult uploads recently, a sketch dump and a somewhat finished piece for now. I still need to dig up some simple animation loops on my collaborator board to have people sniff me with more interest, so keep an eye out for that. Stay safe fellas.

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